1999 - Saga and Philosophy

Introduction by Paul Ricoeur
A collection of original essays by Páll Skúlason on diverse topics, philosophically challenging, but accessible to the ordinary intelligent reader. The focus is upon issues which are relevant to daily existence; morality and values, science and technology, politics and the state, and the meaning of life. An introduction by one of France's leading philosophers, Paul Ricoeur is included.

From Paul Ricoeur's Introduction:
"I am struck by the level of discourse and thus of communication that the author establishes with his reader. Simply stated, he breaks away from the ubiquitous professionalization of academic philosophy, without, however, descending into journalism, even journalism of high quality. The reader is challenged by being invited to share in the author's meticulous effort to distinguish define and classify key words, in order to make possible a rational discussion, be it only for the sake of understanding what is at stake, of seeing deadlocks, of grasping limits, raher than arriving at final answers. Skúlason's book.attempts to respect the synoptic calling of philosophy - not as a kind of superior knowledge but as a kind of argumentative and conceptual connector, reviewing a diverse range of questions.“ 


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