On the connection between body and soul, thought and spirit

What is the connection between body and soul, thought and spirit? The body is living flesh that has a certain psychic form, as Aristotle thought. Every living thing has a psyche, or soul. The soul is the seat of sensibility; the point at which the living being reacts to the things that impinge upon it and that it senses or feels. Thought, is, on the other hand, the part of the soul that is least constrained by the body. "Thought carries me half of the way / to new worlds," writes the poet, Theodóra Thoroddsen. Spirit, as I understand it, is the confluence of body, soul and thought at a given moment—intimately involved with the way in which temper develops and moods are created. Joy and jubilation, grief and mourning, are phenomena of spirit that influence all of the perceptions, feelings and actions of individuals and groups. Dullness or insensibility are among the worst disabilities of the human spirit and probably the most common root of evil.


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